Welcome to a peaceful place...

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I hope you find this a pleasant spot to come to
whenever you need a moment to rest and refresh.

Think of it as your own safehaven.CLICK to find the Gallery

And if you'd like someone to talk to while you're here
I hope you'll think of me.

Brenda Wallacebowden

Feel free to come here often.  Watch the waterfall.  Consider the butterfly.  Let yourself relax a bit.
With Special Thanks to
Soon I'll add a few more thoughts here,
and kind notes from friends passing through.
Photographs will grace these pages
and addresses, old and new.

This won't be a frantic place, though,
no loud noise or flashing hue.
It is only respite I offer,
simply quiet solitude.

I hope you will come here often
just to rest and ease your mind.
Who knows where the journey will lead us?
'Til then, friend, enjoy what you find.

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© 1999 BKWallacebowden